Trauma Therapy

trauma-therapyDid something happen in your life that’s causing you pain and suffering?

Are you staying awake at night tossing and turning, staring at the walls instead of falling asleep; even though you are exhausted?  Maybe you are having flashbacks and memories of the event is easily triggered.  Do you feel as though you are constantly in danger and your anxiety level is high at all times? Are you easily frightened and unable to trust others?  Are the memories of the event causing sadness and depression? Perhaps, you are having difficulties focusing and concentrating at work, maybe your grades are suffering at school.  Are you blaming yourself, is the event causing you guilt and shame?  Maybe you have said to yourself, why did this have to happen to me, or why did I let this happen, I should have known better, how could I have been so blind, how could I have let my guard down.  Perhaps you are using drugs and alcohol to help numb your pain.

Are you feeling like you will never be able to get over this and feel normal again?

You may have often asked yourself, what is wrong with me, why can’t I just get over this, why can’t these feelings just go away? Am I ever going to feel like myself again.  Perhaps you have tried talking to your friends and family, and they all tell you the same thing, JUST GET OVER IT, but you can’t, because it’s all you think about.

If you are experiencing anything like this in your life, I’m here to let you know that what you are experiencing are common symptoms from what is known as a traumatic event, which derives from emotional or psychological trauma. You are not alone and there is help for you.  Trauma therapy can help relive your symptoms of a past traumatic event.

What is a traumatic event..and how do I know if I had one?

Simply put a traumatic event is something BAD that has happened to you.  This event may have occurred recently or years ago, even as far back as in your childhood.   It is an event that threatens ones life and sense of safety.  Traumatic events can also be defined as any event that makes you feel overwhelmed and alone.  Some common examples of traumatic events are events that happened unexpectedly, leaving you unprepared.  It may have happened repeatedly.  It may have been an event that was out of your control, and you felt powerless to prevent it.  Or it may have happened in childhood.

What is Trauma Therapy?

Trauma therapy is a specific type of therapy that focuses on traumatic events to help alleviate the symptoms that are brought on by trauma.   Because trauma creates imbalances in both our biological and cognitive systems, which can lead to dysfunctional thought patterns, it would be rather difficult to just will your traumatic symptoms away.  Your body and mind has to undergo specific training to get it back to a state of normalcy.  Without really knowing how to do this, it would be very difficult for you to fix this type of deep rooted trauma.  Learning how to effectively handle your emotions in regards to trauma, and reprogramming your mind to think differently, takes time and training, trauma therapy can be affective in doing this.

trauma-counselingHow can trauma therapy help me?

It has been proven that trauma therapy can help elevate many symptoms of most traumatic events.  I utilize Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), which is a scientifically proven treatment modality, that focuses on challenging the thought process.  How you think, interrupt and evaluate an event will affect the type of emotions you experience, and how deeply it will affect you.  It is this intense feeling that will then influence your actions.  With the CBT model of trauma therapy, you will learn specific skills and techniques, to help alleviate your symptoms of trauma.


You are not alone in your pain and sufferings, traumatic events are quite common and trauma therapy has been used globally to combat the symptoms of trauma.  As we work together to get the best results for you, you will learn specific step by step techniques and skills to help you regain control of your life again.  As your symptoms lessen, you will learn new ways to better manage them.  With trauma therapy you get to work at your own pace, making sure that each stage is completely understood before moving forward.  I know that this may sound very scary at first,  but you will soon learn that the techniques that trauma therapy provides can help you move on with your life, instead of leaving you feeling stuck.   Trauma therapy can help you with your current symptoms and you should notice the changes that occur in your life; as you learn to regain control over your thoughts and emotions.  You should also begin to feel like your old self again, living a more productive and happier life.

What makes you different from other therapists?

My name is Renisher Roberts, I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor.  I have worked with victims of abuse and trauma.  My clinical background derives from working as a therapist, on an inpatient hospital setting.  I have worked with clients from various backgrounds with a variety of traumatic events, including domestic abuse.  I have empathy and an understanding of where your pain stems from.  I work very closely with my clients creating the ideal environment, to enhance growth and healing.  We will work together in setting your goals and pace for treatment.  Each individual’s treatment plan is uniquely catered to fit their specific need.  I also stay up to date on current research, keeping you informed on the latest findings.

What do I do next?

If you are ready to take the first step to begin healing, and start a new beginning in your life.  You can contact me at 917-216-1025, I offer a free 30 minutes phone or in office consultation, where you can discuss any further questions or concerns you may still have.  You can also make an appointment to schedule a full therapy session.  If you prefer to contact me via email, just go to my contact page and fill in the necessary steps.