New Year, New Things

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New Year, New Things

Another year, another set of resolutions, goals, dreams and aspirations.  What can make this year different from the others? You actually sticking to your plans and not giving up as soon as the road gets rough.  Like all new plans, you have to stick to it, in order for it to actually manifest itself into your goal or dream.  Giving up is not an option, at least not this year.  It’s time to give it another go.  One of the mistakes that I believe many people make, is trying to do their entire list of resolutions all at once.  That never seems to work, because it is usually too much, and eventually becomes overwhelming, and unmanageable.  You have to break up these seemingly giant plans, into smaller more manageable projects.

One day at a time

Really this works, if you just take it slowly and not get ahead of yourself.  If you are trying to lose weight for instance, the pounds are not going to shed off in a week.  It takes approximately three weeks to form a habit.  Stick to your diet and exercise regimen and let it take effect.  It’s going to take time for your body to get used too your new routine.  It will take a lot of effort on your part to stick to this regimen, even when you are not seeing the results as quickly as you would like.  Focus on your daily task and try not to look too far ahead.  In other words, keep the big picture in mind, while focusing on today.

One goal at a time

One of the most common mistakes that many individuals make, is trying to do all of their resolutions at the same time.  It is very difficult to try and manage a long list of things to accomplish under normal circumstances, much less for goals you may be trying to accomplish, that you may have tried and failed in the past.   It is more productive to focus on one task at a time, and let it develop into a habit, before moving on to the next and so on.  Once your new goal becomes a set daily habit, it will be easier to manage, and also easier for you to move on to the next resolution.

Maintain a positive attitude

This may make all the difference in whether you actually accomplish your goal or not.  Maintaining a positive attitude can make the difference.  Remember it  has taken months and even years to get where you are now.  Therefore, keep in mind that it will take sometime for your goal or resolution to work. Keep your attitude positive and set on accomplishing your goal.  A positive attitude is a small thing, that can make a big difference.  Keep your mind on the big picture.

Don’t give up

When you begin to get discourage, remember to keep moving forward.  Don’t give up, when the chips are down and piling on. It happens to the best of us.  Maintain the right attitude about what you want to accomplish, and focus on it.  Only you know what it will feel like when you have met that goal or resolution. Imagine this feeling now, when you feel like giving up and throwing in the towel.  It is so worth what you are trying to accomplish, so don’t give up.

Give yourself a break

Resolutions, goals, and plans, can be all broken.  Don’t beat yourself up if at first you don’t succeed.   The best part of a new year is that you have time. If you miss the mark, try again.  Remember the story of “The little engine that could”.  Most times we set a deadline to when we would like to accomplish a goal, if the deadline has passed, let it go and keep moving forward until you have attained your goal.  The best plans get broken, for various reason.  The most important thing to focus on is to keep going.  Don’t give up because it may be taking longer than you anticipated.   Take as much time as you need to refocus and get back on the ball.

A New Year is a great time to start over, but always remember that the pressure that may be placed on accomplishing resolutions, can be detrimental.  Be smart when executing your plans and think about the points mentioned here.  Remember to keep moving forward, and think positive especially when there are setbacks.   Don’t give up on your goals, you made them for a reason.  Have a Happy New You