Chasing Away The Blues

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Chasing Away The Blues

With Thanksgiving safely behind us, the holiday season is well on its way. The thoughts of gift giving, holiday dinners, parties, shopping, and creating an overall sense of comfort, joy and happiness with family and friends, are all a part of what is expectant of the holidays.  Although this is a season of giving, joy, laughter, fun and happiness, for a small percentage of individuals, this can be a season that is dreaded, often with signs of depression, anxiety and heartache. This is  commonly known as the holiday blues. This is often a time when loneliness, sadness and other types of painful memories may show its ugly face, along with the hustle and bustle of the holidays.  Here are a few tips to help alleviate some of those feelings, that may associate themselves with the holiday blues.



Organizing your time and breaking things down, can be helpful for those who already feel, that they have no extra time in their day for anything else.  Being organize can be helpful in many other aspects of one’s life, but especially during the holidays when the pressure is on and others are depending on you.  Making a list to help you stay focus can be helpful to some.  The earlier you begin to plan the better it will be, and the less stress you will encounter.  With electronic devices and apps on everything, finding a mechanism to help you stay focus on your task, can be right at your finger tips.



Admitting to yourself that you are not perfect, will also help alleviate some much unnecessary stress.  Leave room for errors and imperfections.  As hard as one tries and even with the best planning, you have to be aware that things may not come out the way you expect them too. Don’t get caught up in being perfect, and setting goals that you may not be able to maintain.  Do try the best you can, with the time that you have.  There is satisfaction in giving it your best shot.



The holidays are about giving and being with the people that bring joy into our lives. With that in mind, the stress of finding the perfect gift for our loved ones can be overwhelming and down right stressful.  Remember what is important during this time, and although it may seem that the right gift will put a smile, or show how we feel about the other person, I still believe it’s the little things that matters the most, and in some case these things do not cost an arm and a leg.  Budgeting and not over spending on gifts, not only keeps money in your pocket, but it also does not lead to excruciating high credit card bills when it’s all over.

Stay within your budget and grab the deals as they come.



The holidays are a time of festivities and fun.  There will be lots of parties, dinners and lots of excuses to eat and drink as much as you like.  If you are already displaying symptoms of depression, drinking and eating in excess can worsen these symptoms.  Remember that alcohol is a depressant and for those who are already exhibiting symptoms of depression, the two are not a good fit.  Plus the guilt of over eating and indulging excessively in food, only makes one feel worse about one’s self later on.  Yes, this is a time to celebrate and just have fun, but everything in moderation, if you are dieting, cheating here and there will eventually catch up to you, if you are not careful.  Have fun, but don’t get carried away.



The holidays are not the time to air out our dirty laundry or get into past hurts, feelings or resentments.  This is a time to come together and celebrate with loved ones and friends, certain items should be left of the agenda.  Remember what the season is about, and leave those ugly family details at home, at least during this time of the year.  If you truly cannot avoid been around others who have hurt you, it may be best to decline the invitation.  Hopefully, you will be able to work through those issues in the future.  Stress during family get togethers are common, but trying to keep the peace will help you enjoy yourself a bit more, as well as the other guest who came to have a good time, without the added extra drama.



The holidays can bring about memories of hurtful events, and heartaches from the past, along with feelings of loneliness and pain.  While some will feel left out of the festivities altogether.  Working through these issues can be tough, especially if you do not have family members or other support close by.  Giving of yourself can help you feel better during this time.  There are tons of soup kitchens, elderly homes, shelters and many other opportunities for one to volunteer, and make a difference in someone else’s life.  This may not take away all your pain, but at least it will make you feel good about doing something for someone else.  The gratitude that you feel when you give of yourself is irreplaceable, and is just what this season is about.



If you are already feeling overwhelmed by it all. Just remember to take some time out for yourself and get good rest in between.  Getting a good night sleep can help put you in a better mood, and give you energy to get through your day with minimal stress.  Take the time, to take care of yourself during this season,  and don’t forget to treat yourself kindly.  After all, it’s your holiday as well, and not just everyone else’s.  Take the time, to take care of yourself.

With these simple tips in mind, I hope this season will be an enjoyable one.  I wish you a very Happy Holiday season.  Be happy, be healthy, be well.