Book Review: Calling All The Single Ladies…

Posted by on Mar 17, 2016 in Singles Therapy

Book Review: Calling All The Single Ladies…

How many times have you asked yourself while dating, if only I understood men better, I would be able to figure this guy out. As women we often tend to over analyze the statements or actions of the men we are dating, in an attempt to try and figure them out.

Now what if I told you that you didn’t have to try to figure out your man anymore and there is a book that can tell you just what type of man he is. Well ladies this day has arrived for you, there is such a book that can guide you, and give you inside information on the tricks and antics that some men use to manipulate, hurt and break women.

So what is this book you ask, it’s simply called “Is This Your Man?“, by author Colin Tate who is also a relationship coach. As a Singles Therapist I was compelled to read this book, as I have read so many relationship books in the past. This book is very different from any other relationship book that I have read in the past. It’s a very easy read, but yet very effective. He has done something that I have not seen done before. Tate actually gives away some of the secrets that men use when manipulating women, such as secret websites, and phone apps. This book exposes the depths to which some men will actually go through to manipulate and hurt women.

Tate puts these types of men into six categories such as ” The Online Player”, “Baby Boy” and ” The Total Package”. The stories taken from these six categories are from real men who are master manipulators. The stories make it real as you get to see a perfect example of what each guy from each category does, and what you can do to protect yourself from these types of men. Which is also another favorite part of this book for me. After every category type, the author tells you how you can protect yourself from such a man.

As a woman and as a therapist I truly believe that many of us, have no real idea of how men really think and the lengths they will actually go through to manipulate women. This book will shock you, and may even anger you. It was an eye opener for me. I have recommended this book to clients, colleagues and friends. I would also recommend it to young women and our daughters, who are heading into the dating world completely blinded by what’s actually going on. There is a saying that “wisdom is power”, this book gives us an opportunity to empower ourselves by gathering knowledge about men. This book is not intended to keep you from dating, or make you anxious about it, but instead it should be a guide for you in the event that you find yourself dating a man from any of the six category types.

Tate makes a point towards the end of the book, that I know is true and so do you. He mentions that most women do not talk to other men about men, but instead we usually go to our trusted friends, who are usually other females. Well, the point that he makes here is that only men really know men. That point needs to resonate with us as women. If you have a question about a man, please find a trusted male that you have a good rapport with and ask his opinion. Odds are your male friend will be able to give you an answer based on a man’s reality.

Lastly, if you are suffering from low self esteem, or low self worth, one of the common threads with these types of men, are that they tend to target women who have had poor relationships with their fathers, or other male role models in their life. These factors may make it easier for women with these types of issues to become susceptible to the tricks and games that some of these men play. Work on your issues and become empowered. If something doesn’t feel right to you in your heart of hearts, odds are it isn’t right. Keep listening to your gut instincts when you are dating, and please do not ignore the red flags. “Is This Your Man?” is a must read for all the single ladies out there. Happy reading. Here is a link to find out more